104 N. Kentucky Ave.
Evansville, IN 47711

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Located in the heart of the Midwest in Evansville, Indiana

TYME TRANSPORTATION provides exceptional service and expertise in freight transportation. Specializing in loads of all sizes, our family owned freight company is certain to help you move loads more profitably. Contact us for a free quote.

Our Services

Contracted Transportation Services – Choose TYME TRANSPORTATION as your contracted transportation provider and save with our long-term service program. Enjoy all of the flexibility and premium services that TYME TRANSPORTATION offers.

Local Delivery Discounts – Customers located within 200 miles of TYME enjoy a special discounted rate. This helps reduce our dead head rate, and we pass it along to our customers.

24-hour  Emergency Customer Service – In many cases, we can deliver in 24 hours or less depending on availability.

Round Trip Discounts – If we return with a load, whether yours or another customer referred by you, we offer huge savings.

LTL per Customer – we can offer less than truckload service and make multiple stops for our customers.

Flatbed with Tarps – rain hauling; we can keep your load covered and protected from weather. We can cover steel and other materials and protect them from the environment.

Warehousing to Split Loads – We will pick up your order, sort product, store and then pack and reload for delivery.  We can even offer light assembly.

Intercompany Logistics – we will pick up your raw materials bring them to your plant.


For warehousing services visit Warehousing of Evansville